Season 3 of The Future, This Week is coming next week! Sandra Peter (Sydney Business Insights) and Kai Riemer (Digital Disruption Research Group) meet once a week to put their own spin on news that is impacting the future of business in The Future, This Week.

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Dr Sandra Peter is the Director of Sydney Executive Plus at the University of Sydney Business School. Her research and practice focuses on engaging with the future in productive ways, and the impact of emerging technologies on business and society.

Kai Riemer is Professor of Information Technology and Organisation, and Director of Sydney Executive Plus at the University of Sydney Business School. Kai's research interest is in Disruptive Technologies, Enterprise Social Media, Virtual Work, Collaborative Technologies and the Philosophy of Technology.


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Sandra Peter:  Coming soon is The Future, This Week Season 3.

Kai Riemer: I'm Kai Riemer.

Sandra: I'm Sandra Peter and we're the hosts of The Future, This Week. Once a week we get together and discuss the news of the week. The most interesting…

Kai: the most ridiculous,

Sandra: the most challenging,

Kai: the weird and the wonderful,

Sandra: the most disappointing news of the week. So let’s start!

Kai: Let’s start!

Sandra: For the past season, we've looked at some big stories:

Sandra and Kai:  When intuition saves the world, a global waste blockage, pay with a smile, building the Digital Silk Road, fake reviews, animal tracking and Big Data, Watson’s health problems, the internet of creepy things, and boring innovation.

Sandra: Asked some interesting questions:

Sandra and Kai: Can life compete with Instagram? What’s up with Bitcoin? Privacy, what privacy? And are Digital Natives real?

Sandra: We had a number of stories that kept coming back:

Sandra and Kai: AI is taking over the world, privacy and Artificial Intelligence, regulating AI, regulating AI.

Kai: Obviously we talked a lot about AI, we talked about self-driving cars: Waymo, Uber, Tesla, Baidu.

Sandra: Autonomous cars in California.

Kai: Cities. We talked about moving to the cities to battle climate change, the hyperloop, is Uber changing our cities?

Sandra: City experiments.

Kai: We talked about batteries a surprising number of times.

Sandra: Topics with most potential for 2018:

Sandra and Kai: Quantum computing, will Bitcoin endure? Still haven’t quite caught up with Blockchain, infrastructure, trust in algorithms, 3-D printing, face recognition, machine learning in healthcare, augmented reality and virtual reality, back to batteries.

Kai: And a shitload of other stories that we might see more of:

Sandra and Kai: Companies like the Big Three in the East - BAT (Baidu, Alibaba,Ten Cent), and the Frightful Five in the West (Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook). Skype, Snapchat, Whatsapp, WeChat, home automation, voice assistants, and Ebay.

Sandra: It's really been a whole lot of fun. (LAUGHTER )

Kai: (MAKES BEEPING NOISE) That’s valuable information for our listeners.

Sandra: Is the ringing in my ear or in the room?

Kai: It’s in your head. Do you want to take the call? (LAUGHTER)

Sandra: See you soon on Season 3 of The Future, This Week.

Outro: You can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. You can follow us online on Flipboard, Twitter, or

Kai: See you next week.

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