DISRUPT – Digital Disruption Research Group

In its 3rd third year, DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ is Australia’s first and oldest disruption conference. This year our speakers and audience explored the implications of digital disruption for business, society and our everyday lives, under the theme “Disruption for Good”. Digital Disruption is typically associated with the various challenges new technologies and business ideas bring to incumbent organisations and the jobs in established industries. And while digital technologies certainly bring challenges, there are equally many opportunities to shape our lives for good.

DISRUPT.SYDNEY.15  featured a keynote, five TED-style short talks, a number of hands-on workshops, an interactive “Futuring” session and ample opportunity for networking over coffee and drinks.

Watch our Highlights video for a quick overview, and the full video coverage of all keynotes and talks:

If you are interested to relive the experience of the other past years, visit the previous event websites, which host videos of all the talks, keynotes and plenary sessions:

The Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) brings together colleagues from academia and industry who share an interest in the wider topic area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and change.


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