DISRUPT – Digital Disruption Research Group

Disruption is a fashionable term. In fact, it is now so widely used that it is rapidly losing its distinctive power: when every start-up claims to be a disruptor and every manager has to disrupt the term becomes a synonym for change itself.

Therein lies a danger. If businesses want to manage or bring about truly disruptive changes it is important to distinguish disruption from mere “change as usual”.

DISRUPT.SYDNEY™, in its 4th year, is Australia’s first and oldest disruption conference. In 2016 we engaged deeply with the topic of change itself. Our speakers and workshop facilitators addressed a range of crucial questions.

Relive the event by watching the videos of keynote and short talks, our popular Blockchain panel with an introduction by TV personality Dr Karl, as well as our highlights video:

Watch the official welcome to DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2016 by Professor Whitwell, Dean of the Business School, here:

Watch the invitation to DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2016 by Professor Riemer here:

If you are interested to relive the experience of the other past years, visit the previous event websites, which host videos of all the talks, keynotes and plenary sessions:

  • The Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) brings together colleagues from academia and industry who share an interest in the wider topic area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and change.

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