DISRUPT – Digital Disruption Research Group

What does it mean to be successful in a world increasingly concerned with disruption, sustainability, inequality, and changing notions of work?

DISRUPT.SYDNEY offers new ways of thinking about business success, individual careers, and community needs.

Pushing beyond narrow economic notions of success, we ask anew:

What defines success? Who defines success? Who is success for?

At a business level, success goes to the heart of what business is about, who it’s for, why do it. How will business success be defined in a world increasingly concerned with societal inequality, environmental sustainability, technological disruption, the place of the individual within organisations, and changing notions of work.

At an individual level this means to ask questions such as: what defines my success? How do I know that I am on the right track? How to choose the right workplace? How does success align with my life’s purpose? How does success relate to happiness or satisfaction, to living a good life?

Ultimately asking questions about success is also asking questions about the future.

The futures we envision determine how success will be framed

Our expert speakers engage with these questions from diverse range of angles. With two keynotes, four short talks, two Q&A panels, two sessions of workshops, and an interactive futures session in the afternoon, DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2019 is going to be bigger and bolder than ever.

DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2019 is brought to you by the Digital Disruption Research Group and Sydney Business Insights.

Register now for early bird pricing of A$199.00. University of Sydney staff, students and alumni can use the discount code ‘USYDX100’ to save a further $100 off the ticket price.

If you are interested to relive the experience of the past years, watch last year’s highlight video or visit the previous event websites, which host videos of all the talks, keynotes and plenary sessions.

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