Join us for DISRUPT.SYDNEY and hear from leading thinkers including…

Prof Genevieve Bell

Director of the School of Cybernetics and 3A Institute (3Ai)

Simon Kemp

Simon Kemp

Founder and CEO, Kepios

Join us on Friday, 16 September 2022 to challenge common sense, learn about new ways of thinking, and engage with our digital future(s) in fun and creative ways.

DISRUPT.SYDNEY is Australia’s premier disruption conference from the Digital Futures Research Group at the University of Sydney Business School.

The expert speakers will tackle these topics from a diverse range of angles (view the full program).

With keynotes, short talks, Q&A panels, workshops – DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2022 is going to be bigger and bolder than ever.

Register now for $199 early bird tickets, it’ll be an exciting day of disruption!

Use code DISRUPT60 for $60 off your registration!

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